Monday, March 17, 2008

[forget it]

The following was taken from the journal of Jenkins Prinkensplatt:

…(I can’t get away (not that I would want to anyway (that is, on account of this wretched state of mind (which (if it were deemed appropriate (and what is appropriateness anyway? (should I even ask that? (and what is it to ask? (all of us ask, don’t we, in this constant and endless thought (or, if you prefer, this eternal parenthesis (or eternal explanation (or clarification (clarification with no resolution (like wiping down a soft lens (“soft” as in inferior make and build (and it’s slow to boot (that is, it needs too much light (light I don’t have (oh, where was I? Ah, yes, (“yes,” mind you, and not “I will” (though I’m free from “thou shalt not” (but still a slave, to be sure (whose slave? You ask, (but I’ve already answered…a slave to parenity... (…

This excerpt is from a larger body of work which goes on seemingly endlessly in either direction, though its beginning seems to be a somewhat ambiguous time about 20 years ago.


  1. The endless iteration of différance.

  2. and as Prinkensplatt might have said, différance = consciousness. (Interesting that both Derrida and Prinkensplatt coined their own words to describe it, "différance" and "parenity"...