Sunday, April 12, 2009

no apologies

she was almost as black as the night
and her eyes were clear;
her eyes judged all things.
her hair caught highlights here and there
from the street-light behind her,
and clouds came from her mouth when she spoke.
“oh no,” she said when I told her my name,
“that’s his name,” she said.
(the guy who was the asshole
had the same name as me)
Otherwise she was nice to me
and her smile was bright,
except sometimes it went away
and then there was pain in her eyes –
the pain of memory
as she explained things that
I felt like I shouldn’t hear.
I think she told me because she knew
tomorrow I’d be gone.
Where am I now, _______?
Where are you?
(I forget your name...)
have you decided whether or not to smile?