Saturday, August 1, 2009

5:11 AM

5:11 AM mostly finished cleaning the gobs of flesh out of the back of my car, any I missed will probably cook when the light on the horizon turns into the day's heat. whoever he was, the anonymous man with the 10-inch wrist laceration to the bone, I hope he does alright. His friend who told the cops they were fucking pigs for asking too many questions when he was only trying to get to the hospital was a good friend. When he said that, the cops threw open their batons, cuffed him, bullied him.
"give him a break he's just trying to help his friend."
"No, step back. Why is your car parked in the middle of the road. Get it out of here. Why are you still here?"
"because my back seat is covered in blood and I'll need to take this gentleman to meet his friend at the hospital."
"well he's going to jail."
Cops threaten jail a lot even when they know they won't deliver. They had nothing to keep him on.