Wednesday, February 17, 2010

the world

I want to eat the world
I want to close my eyes and
I want tomato rain to fall on me,
the last unconscious being, and then
wake up
I want to sing forever
and then stop suddenly
I want to destroy this desk
and throw pieces at you
people I want to
be invincible but still wonder
what death must feel like
maybe I could kill someone
and then apologize and wake him up
and ask what it was like
maybe I could eat
one piece of the world at a time,
sure, that’s what I’ll do, and eventually
I’ll get to all of it.
I think I’ll start with the edible things.
Maybe I could sit down and talk to someone
on the sidewalk and learn the purpose of
matching color schemes.
My stomach feels like I swallowed a yell
and I want to vomit it out.
but maybe a yell is part of the world,
so I’ll keep it down.
You can learn something, sitting on the
sidewalk talking to strangers about the old wars and
watching them tear up and choke with crazed crazy grief.
I’ll have to swallow this paper eventually too
and then all of this will be gone forever
unless it’s somehow
metaphysically preserved,
or the collective unconscious
commits it to memory.

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